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Write community rules. Find at least ten third-party non-profit communities in your field. Contact the community data administrators and invite them to cooperate. Define the targeting parameters for your target audience. Prepare and run the ad for the targeted advertising system. Work to increase the CTR and reduce the cost of the attracted user. Analyze statistics. Today, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. There are hundreds of millions of active users, hundreds of thousands of gmail pva pages of companies, a huge amount of daily added material. Many modern social networks use the standards that were asked exactly by Facebook. In Russia for a long time, Facebook has been little popular, far behind in terms of the number of active users of social networks VKontakte and Single-Coloners.

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The main audience of the Russian Facebook segment at the time was the users who often visited the West, spoke good English and communicated with their foreign friends. However, at the end of, Russian-language Facebook started to develop actively and quickly became one of the most popular social networks in our country. Then the first marketing campaigns on Facebook also appeared. Now this is one of the key tools for an SMM specialist. It should be noted that the Russian segment of Facebook is very different from the global one. This is due to both the buy gmail accounts pva mechanics of development, and the characteristics of audience behavior, and the nuances of the socio-demographic characteristics of users. So in this chapter we will only talk about those methods of work that are relevant for the Russian-speaking segment.

Among the main features of Facebook, you can identify the following. Compared to VKontakte, the Facebook interface is less intuitive for the beginning user. In spite of the fact that initially VKontakte was a localized version of Facebook, during the last years both services developed in different directions and it was VKontakte that went the way of maximum ease of use. At one time, we did a little research. We assembled a focus group of ten people who practically had no experience of using social networks, and for each of them created a Facebook account and a VKontakte. The task of the participants was to understand the profile and take several actions: download a photo from the computer find more a specific person and write a message to him find a certain community and join or subscribe update the status in the microblog.

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In the case of VKontakte, the user needed an average of minutes of concentrated work to understand the profile and perform the assigned tasks. In the case of Facebook, the same tasks took an average of minutes, and four participants in the focus group did not manage completely. It is the complexity of the interface that is one of the serious natural obstacles to buy youtube accounts pva the wider spread of Facebook. Facebook in Russia so far has not become a real mass social network. The majority of its users are marketers, IT specialists, managers of certain business areas, people who have many contacts abroad. As a rule, this audience has a higher level of education and income than, for example, the audience of VKontakte.

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However, one must take into account that the circle of users of Facebook users is also very different from the interests of users of VKontakte and, so their attention can not attract anything at all. Most successful in Facebook are the following products and services: gadgets and other IT products online services tourist offers especially for self-travel bb with a broad potential target audience advertising, IT- Solutions, financial services, etc. the sphere of education especially business education the financial sector the auto industry books especially business literature the fashion industry show business and The costs for each attracted user here are significantly you Than in other social networks. This is due primarily to the high cost of Facebook's own advertising offerings. As a result, from the point of view of marketing, Facebook in Russia still remains a social network, more image-oriented, rather than sales. One of the most important differences from VKontakte is that the format of positioning by brand is much more active in Facebook.